About Us

$1 run comic books.

What is Guardian Comics?

A massive comic book store/warehouse with over 150,000 issues most of which are only $1.  On top of that we work hard to bring Canadian Collectors the best selection of comic book key and highly sought after issues.  We specialize in graded comics as everyone knows what they are getting and paying for.  If you are looking for an Action 1, an Amazing Fantasy 15, Hulk 181 or Spider-man 300 well we are here to help!

Mylar silver bronze copper comics

Do you buy comics?

Of course we buy comics!  If you've got books to sell we'd love to take a look.  Even if we don't buy them we'd be happy to explain the value and what you could expect to get for them.  Please contact us at info@guardiancomics.ca

CGC and CBCS comic books at Fan Expo Canada 2019


Yes we offer consignment options!  Working to sell your comics at competitive prices and competitive commission rates.  Contact us for more information.

Jim McCallum & Eric Fournier

Jim & Eric

 A pair that will eventually have songs and stories written about them.  Come out and meet us to see exactly why we stand above the rest.